Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What happens at Agnes, stays at Agnes a.k.a Scotties in Vegas

This year, spring semester goes by really fast! The snow days that left us out of school for a week (which Scotties didn't mind at all but rather took advantage of this rare weather condition to its fullest extend) and a bunch of activities that have been taking place for the past months kept us busy and will continue to do so for the next couple of weeks. Last week was particularly exciting with a number of events organized as a part of Spring Fling celebration.
Spring Fling happens every year in April and is meant to provide some fun time for our community, celebrating the beautiful weather and the last month of school. As we all know, finding balance between academics and other activities is extremely important to maintain a healthy college routine. Many organizations on campus worked hard to make sure that everyone would find something that they enjoyed doing. Programming Board (ProBo) took charge of most of the events and was very successful in organizing the Spring Fling party and the Spring Festival. ProBo is one of the biggest organizations at Agnes. Maybe after watching Amy Rahimpour's (class of 2015) video and learning what they do, you'll consider joining ProBo next year?

The theme of last week was "Las Vegas." A lot of activities and the Spring Fling Party in particular were organized around this theme.

Spring Fest
Have you ever celebrated or heard of Holi, a Hindu spring festival, also known as the festival of colors? This was definitely the messiest and most colorful activity during our Spring Fest. Photo credit: Alice Malkova (exchange student from Russia)

Spring Fling
Agnes style weekend plan: get a good group of friends, put on some fancy dresses and enjoy a great time in Vegas-like party. Photo credit: Celeste Whitman (class of 2016). 

5K run
Last week, Agnes hosted a 5K run. Running, walking, volunteering- any form of participation was welcomed.   

Jazz Ensemble and Word Percussion concert
The week closed of with something delightful for our ears. Two music groups at Agnes, Jazz Ensemble and Word Percussion performed a wonderful concert under the supervision of their instructor Emrah Kotan who happens to be a drummer of a famous American singer, India.Arie. Check out our website to read more about this faculty member...
...and enjoy a short extract of the event. 

I can't believe that we have only three more weeks of classes. Good luck to those of you who are also finishing the school  year or getting ready for the final exams. As promised in the previous post, I will soon publish a list of "must-haves for college." I hope this will be helpful once you start planning your arrival to college. Please, don't hesitate to contact me at my e-mail: globaladmission@agnesscott.edu. 

Karolina Klimczak '16
Office of Admission International Fellow
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  1. I might be a bit biased, as a former President of Programming Board, but it really is a fantastic organization! Spring Fling and Spring Fest week are always so much fun.

    Megan '13

  2. Wow this spring fest looks like so much fun! It also seems to be arranged really well! and you really cant go wrong with vegas